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5:00PM - 6:00PM

Understanding the Times

A compelling look at current events, Bible Prophecy and apologetics with interviews of well-known authors and prominent leaders from around the world.

8:00PM - 9:00PM

Focus on the Family

All marriages go through seasons—both positive and negative. Dr. Gary Chapman joins us to share how you can make the most of every season, regardless if you are feeling the excitement of spring or the cold of winter.


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4:30PM - 5:00PM

The Grace Message

What is the gift of tongues? Are there two kinds of tongues? Are spiritual gifts for edifying oneself? Is there a private prayer language? Why did Paul refer to tongue speaking as "speaking into the air"?

4:00PM - 5:00PM

Turning Point

At its heart, the message of the gospel is simple. For some people, it’s even too simple. They want to do something to earn their salvation. Can you relate? Dr. David Jeremiah continues his look at the dangers of legalism, which robs believers of the absolute freedom they have in Christ.

3:30PM - 4:00PM

Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre

Introducing "Oliver Twist", a new twist on a classic story! Escape to another place and time with this full-cast audio dramatization of the Charles Dickens' timeless story set in 1830's London. This powerful story will not only entertain you, but draw you into the timeless drama of compassion, . . .

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