Juan Martinez

Juan Martinez

The This Is Real Radio is the radio broadcast - teaching ministry of Juan Martinez, Founding Senior Pastor of Get Wrapped Church in Spring Texas.

This is Real Radio brings in-depth understanding in simple practical ways with co-host Stephanie Rave and great guests always popping in, it’s a show with Real people, Real Problems, and Real solutions. 

We live in a world where most people think that the only people in prison are behind bars! But most are incarcerated in their thinking, so on this show, we are going to challenge your thinking.

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New broadcasts released every Monday at 7PM  on all major podcast platforms.

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Juan Martinez has an Apostolic calling overseeing a few campuses and raising up leaders, Author,  Radio and Television host, He is a true revivalist. His heart for the lost, broken and sick drives a passion for ministry for leading people to Jesus Christ. Since 2010, this God-breathed ministry has seen thousands of people say yes to Christ. Pastor Juan is founder of Wrapped in the Love of Christ, Love Live Lead Ministries and Founding lead Pastor of Get Wrapped Church. 

Juan is an inspiring coach and engaging speaker with the world renown John Maxwell team. He has appeared on many televised programs , TBN Salsa, TBN, and CTN Vegas.and presents at conferences throughout the nation. He also hosts a radio program in Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth Texas. 

Co-author of an international best seller, Juan is a prolific author who currently lives in Houston Texas with his wife Ruthy. They have six children: Johnathan, Jay, Jonathan, Valery, Janina and Josh 

 To Learn more go to www.JuanMartinez.tv 



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