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Recapture Radio

Recapture Radio gives a biblical perspective on living a Christ-centered life as you walk through your recovery journey. Our focus is providing healing for the family with love, knowledge, forgiveness, and information. The hosts are Donica Strange Reescano and Essence Reescano. For more information on this program or to book Donica or Essence for speaking engagements please visit

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About Donica and Essence

Donica Reescano:  For over 30 years Donica Strange Reescano has spent her life of leadership helping and serving others.  After receiving Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior at age 14, Donica served in the church’s youth group.  Her service to others continued in her professional career as a peer mentor and supervisor. She serves today as a leader in a Christian based twelve-step program. Most importantly she serves as the founder of the nonprofit organization Patricia Ann Strange Diamond Celebration. The program, named in her deceased mother's honor, who overcame alcohol and drug addiction, celebrates women in recovery from alcohol and substance use disorders. The program provides educational scholarships to women in recovery and fundraising for local women’s
rehabilitative programs. Donica is a two time published author and graduate of the University of Phoenix. She is married to Derrick Alonzo Reescano. They have four children together: Essence, Monica, Judah, and Levi. She has three grandchildren Camden, Kairo, and Aiden.  She is affectionately called "Coco" by her grandchildren.

To learn more about Donica or the Patricia Ann Strange Diamond Celebration, like our Facebook page or visit PATRICIA ANN STRANGE DIAMOND CELEBRATION

Essence Reescano:  Essence Monet Reescano is the first-born daughter of  Derrick and Donica Reescano. Little did Derrick and Donica know that her middle name a work of art would speak to the creative being Essence would become.  Essence Reescano is a poet, former youth group leader, and business owner. As a millennial, Essence has been able to reach youth in understanding the issues and topics that are dear to them. She knows the nuances of navigating through life in a group that is often misunderstood.  She takes this knowledge and transforms it into a universal language of poetry. Essence grew up in Houston, Texas educated in Houston elementary and secondary schools. Essence’s poetic voice was initially captured by her sixth grade English teacher through her poem “When."   This poem was a sixth grader’s emotional epitaph on the untimely death of her grandmother “Maybelle." From there, Essence spoke through poetry with her most impressive work “Are You Listening?” Penned when Essence was just twelve years old, she won her age group creative voice award. Essence attended Houston secondary schools and graduated as an honors student from Andy Dekaney High School in 2012. The following fall Essence attended Texas A & M University via a full academic scholarship. While at “A & M”, Essence was a member of the Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference. She served as the Director of Operations. She is a current board member for a Houston based nonprofit that supports women in recovery from alcohol and substance use disorders Essence is the mother of two sons, Camden and Kairo. Essence currently resides in Humble, TX. To learn more about Essence or book her for speaking engagements visit



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