Brokenness to Beauty

Brokenness to Beauty

Brokenness is the condition of being completely subdued and humbled before God. Your brokenness is beautiful because of how God can use it in your life and draw you closer to Him. Brokenness makes room for a contrite heart and repentance that brings you back into fellowship with Him. Brokenness is beautiful. 

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Brokenness To Beauty with Brittany Francis, Founder of Kintsukuroi Ministries starts now.

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About Brittany Francis

Brittany Francis was called to the ministry 28 years ago. After years of constant wrestling with the Lord, Brittany decided to hold up her hands in surrender. Broken and finally willing to obey, Brittany began to search for the God-call placed upon her heart so many years ago. During this search Holy Spirit began to convey the adoration and tenderness He has specifically for His daughters. While showing how uniquely in love He is with his girls, God revealed to Brittany deep grief over what is currently attacking those He so intricately designed.  

It was placed on her heart to begin digging and searching for the answers to the suffering she felt God communicating. After research, Brittany found women facing difficulties across the globe, including but not limited to, gendercide, sex trafficking, imprisonment, self-hatred, domestic abuse, mutilation, and complete loss of identity. Women across the globe have been held captive to everything but God’s original beautiful design. In Jeremiah 31:22, there is a unique scripture that Holy Spirit pointed out to Brittany. In the middle of the night, she woke up after seeing a vision of a mother holding her arms out, embracing a man and her family. This woman was protecting, loving, and imparting motherly compassion and wisdom to those entrusted to her; it was the lost love of the Holy Spirit. The peace in that vision was undeniable. The woman was free to live and be all that The Mighty Creator of the universe purposed her to be. After countless hours of prayer and with the full support of her incredible husband, Rick, Kintsukuroi became the calling Brittany felt was placed on her heart so many years ago. 

Now, years after that first vision was delivered, it is undeniable Kintsukuroi has been called by Holy Spirit as a motherly vessel to protect and free women as they help them see how invaluable they are to their Father. Kintsukuroi is to deploy new, equip current and rebuild already operating ministries purposed to help Christ’s daughters rise. Kintsukuroi is the global answer to a heart condition that has plagued every continent, every country, and every city across the world; the heart condition of misappropriation of God’s gifts. Each man, woman, and child has a unique purpose set for them from the beginning. The women’s gifts have been stifled and destroyed, leaving this world hungry for the comfort of Holy Spirit, and compassion of God the Father. Kintsukuroi’s goal is to free women both physically and spiritually and to enable them to be the motherly protectors this world so desperately needs and longs for. The more broken we are, the more redeemable and beautiful we are in our Father’s eyes. It is time to wake up the world and release God’s women. It is time to bring back all God intended this world to be; this begins with the spiritual release of His daughters. Once released, the power of these women's testimonies covered by the love of Jesus will be how the enemy is defeated and generational curses and strongholds are broken; bringing both Jeremiah 31:22 and Revelation 12:11 to full fruition.


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