Steve Gregg

Steve Gregg



Steve Gregg, teacher, author, and radio show host, has ministered for the over 50 years and continues to teach, write, and host his live Bible Q & A program, The Narrow Path, which can be heard weekdays, 2-3 PM Pacific Time or 4-5 PM Central Time. Call-in at (844) 484-5737.

Steve’s ministry began during the Jesus Movement and the earliest days of Calvary Chapel.  For over 30 years, Steve has fielded questions on the radio. He also taught through the Bible for over 16 years at The Great Commission Bible School in Oregon, which he founded. Steve authored the commentary, Revelation: Four Views: A Parallel Commentary and Hell-Three Christian Views of God's Final Solution for Sin (Thomas Nelson).

 His website,  (, has thousands of downloadable free resources. Further biographical information is available on the website.



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