Michael Petro

Michael Petro

Join Michael Petro every Saturday at 9:00PM for The Voice of Healing Radio broadcast. 

The Voice of Healing Radio is the radio broadcast - teaching ministry of Apostle Michael Petro, Senior Pastor of The Voice of Healing Church in Murrieta, California.

VOH Radio brings in depth understanding of the scriptures prophetically, rich revelation of the Early Church Apostolic Fathers and biblical interpretation of the biggest news and political stories of our day.  

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Michael Petro is an Apostolic Minister, Author, and Executive Producer of The Voice of Healing Radio, Television, and Productions. He is the bishop of The Voice of Healing Church, a non-denominational church and media-broadcasting movement based in Murrieta, California. Apostle Petro’s church services are broadcasted worldwide on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, and all smart devices.

Apostle Michael has been featured on multiple major Christian networks, such as Atlanta’s 57 WATCTBN Salsa, Cornerstone Network, and CTN Vegas.

In the early 2000s, God spoke to Apostle Michael to obtain “The Voice of Healing” trademark. This name was a famous movement and healing revival of the ‘40s and ’50s known as one of the greatest recorded moves of God in modern history. Now, Apostle Michael Petro with great honor continues this powerful legacy of bringing The Voice of Healing back to the nations to restore the understanding held by the Ante-Nicene Fathers (before 325 A.D.), who prophetically revealed the Word by the Spirit as the remedy for the transfiguration of the soul.

The Voice of Healing offers new content daily from a spiritual lens. Everything from teachings, worship, healing testimonies, books, and an early church database consisting of the biographies and writings of the Apostolic Fathers to radio and television programs.

Apostle Michael Petro has also released a series of books covering a broad range of crucial Christian topics explaining principle foundations of the faith to equip new and mature believers, enriching the next generation of leaders. He also hosts live interactive prophetic reports streamed on The Voice Of Healing’s social media platforms covering current world events with a biblical viewpoint. The prophetic updates emphasize the prophetic markers of the time we are living in.

Apostle Petro’s message from God has always been “wake up the bridegroom is coming” as he seeks to equip the church for all the Lord has for His bride.

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