Christy Mendelow



As an accredited and certified coach, professional speaker, as well as a tenured instructor, Christy’s programs have expanded growth, enhanced productivity, and boosted profitability for leading real estate companies, associations, and individuals. Christy is a partner with her clients through the biggest transitions of life and career and has been described as "life-changing."

Christy’s energetic and results-generating style combined with her expertise, will transform you and your teams from one with a ME perspective to a WE perspective.

Life has given Christy many opportunities to learn and grow. Some of those opportunities brought struggles, such as divorce. Today, as the legal and coaching worlds evolve, divorce coaching is now an option. Christy seized that opportunity and achieved her CDC® Certificate in Divorce Coaching. Christy’s passion is to support others if they are considering divorce, helping them to look at it with their eyes wide open. If they are in the midst, to walk the path with them. And if they are coming out of it, to help them move forward.

You can hear Christy on The Divorce Coaching Hour with Christy Mendelow every Saturday from 1-2 pm right here on 100.7 FM KKHT, iHeart Radio, and She brings her style, her heart, and passion to the show and is there as you’re a thinking partner.



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