He Who Is More Than Able, Does Not Enable

God has not called me to celebrate the bad ideas of others.

God has not called me to celebrate the false claims of others.

God has not called me to celebrate the dangerous, unholy, or unrighteous ways of the world.

And so I won’t.


You can call it whatever you want–tolerance, affirmation, acceptance. In fact, make up fancy, new words and wear them out.

But celebrating the bad or harmful ideologies or occupations of others already has a name. It is called “enabling.”

And Christ wants more for the lost and expects more of His children. He would never have a bar so low. Nowhere in Scripture can you find Christ endorsing sin or giving credibility to false claims. He did not arrive in pagan places and congratulate Isis or Osiris on their temples or allow their worshipers to go on believing those ways were the right ways. He came correcting– “I am The Way.”

The demon possessed did not have their wounds dressed or excuses made on their behalf. Jesus did not try to convince their community to tolerate them as they were. He set them free so they could transform their communities. They were not pat on the head by the Savior, only to return to caves and cemeteries in torment. He cast the demons out.

He did not drop coins into beggar’s cups to allow them to beg another day but on a full stomach. He healed, so they could rise up, go, and lead a different life.  Jesus was an interventionist.


Christ is not the parent supporting the addict’s habits or letting them use at home, for fear they be somewhere unsafe or unknown. Safety is temporal. Acceptance and affirmation are fleeting. Souls are on the line. Eternity is on the line. Enabling the lost to remain lost is not love. It is hate with hugs and manners.



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