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A Prayer to Change the Way You Think.- Your Daily Prayer - September 24

The world is bent to “self,” but we are called to be selfless. Through the power of the Holy Spirit living in every single one of us who believes in Christ Jesus as our Savior, we have infinite power to transform and renew our minds. God wouldn’t have put in Scripture for us to digest if it was impossible.

A Prayer to Walk Faithfully with God - Your Daily Prayer - September 20

Have you ever stopped and reflected on your “walk” with the Lord? Maybe how it started, how long you’ve been on it, or what the path has been like? Well, I did that recently. And let me tell you that mine looked more like tripping, falling behind, running ahead, or missing a turn and straying down the wrong path on many occasions.

A Prayer for Pretenders - Your Daily Prayer - September 15

There are people we actually avoid. It’s the shocking truth. In a world where we have been set down to serve others, we actually don’t want to or like to, sometimes, depending on the person and what we have going on in our own lives at the moment.

A Prayer for Those Who Are Grieving - Your Daily Prayer - September 11

While we are still on earth, Christians will always feel the tension between living in the present and spending eternity with their Savior. The Lord put eternity in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:14), but He also desires that while we are still here, we continue to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20) and be a light in this dark world (Matthew 5:16).

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