6 Ways to Make Sure It's Worship, Not Performance

We're not only permitted but commanded to sing, dance, and exalt the name of God. Artists, however, will tell you – it’s easy to cross the line where worship becomes performance. So, when preparing to lead worship, here are six facets to consider.

What Does it Look Like to 'Worship While You Wait?'

When we struggle, one of the first things the enemy will attack is our desire to worship. Why? Because he understands its potential for his absolute defeat even better than we do. So, we must force ourselves at times, past our flesh, to worship the Lord in all seasons, and for all reasons!

New Town, New Church: What Should I Look For?

Leaving your familiar church and searching for a good fit can be an awkward experience. From denomination, to worship style, to size and more, here are some helpful things to consider in finding an imperfect church that suits you perfectly.

15 Theologically Rich Songs We Can Offer Up in Praise

Music can be a powerful force in the church today - helping Christians take their mind off of themselves and onto the Savior. Music can also help a non-believer get to know Jesus’ love in a way that leans on the word of God without compromising its message. Do you have a favorite song you like to sing at work or at home that helps you set your mind and heart on God? Here are fifteen songs rich in theology that when sung can be offered as a sacrifice of praise:

4 Ways Shallow Relationships Are Damaging the Church

To be the church that Christ wants us to be, we must know each other on a deeper level. Only then can we begin to function in unity and accountability—the model given by God to impact not only us but also the community around us.

10 Bible Verses I Wish We Wrote Worship Songs About

We sit in church on Sunday, singing as we read the words on the screen. Or maybe we look for the one mentioned in a hymnal or praise book. But there are songs I really wish we would sing—songs based on verses, that describe the God we love. Here are 10 Bible verses I wish we wrote songs about.

Worship: The Ultimate DIY Project

If your worship only takes place on Sunday morning at church, even at best you are anemic and undernourished, and will often find yourself faltering during the week. Worship is not something done for you, or to you. Worship is something you do yourself.

Top 5 Wrong Reasons Why People Worship

Don’t set your needs to music and call it worship. Don’t use songs to tell God things He already knows. Set it all aside and sing to the Lord with no other agenda than to minister to Him in pure adoration.

What Do Congregations Really Want from Worship Leaders?

As a worship leader, you must be aware of so much while you’re leading: the music, what your instrumentalists and vocalists are doing, where the Holy Spirit is leading, and how the congregation is doing. To do this well, worship leaders must steward an exchange of voices: ours and God's. It’s not about us at all. It’s not about our vocal technique or team leadership. Or if we have flawless worship experiences. It’s about serving the congregation and the Lord.

What Does the Bible Say About Worship? Do Music Styles Matter?

To some, the style of worship music is simply a matter of the worshipper’s preference. To others, the style of music in corporate church worship is a matter of right and wrong. Scripture tells us hymns and songs are used to worship God. By singing in worship, Christians proclaim the truths of God’s saving power, rejoice in His redeeming grace, and even edify and strengthen each other in singing the truth of His word.


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