What Not to Do When You Feel like "a Woman Scorned"

I know when I start feeling “wronged” by my husband, I start answering his questions with cold one-word answers, I shoot annoyed glares his way, and when he finally asks what is wrong I tend to angrily unload my frustration on him. So here are a few ideas of what not to do when you feel scorned by your significant other.

8 Effective Ways to Deal with Stress Eating

Stress Eating, also called emotional eating, is a common problem for those who struggle with their weight, but overindulging regularly can harm physical and mental health. It doesn’t fix emotional problems. It actually makes a person feel worse with guilt for overeating.

How to Thaw Frozen Family Relationships

Frozen family relationships are so multilayered and can happen over so many years that reconciliation can ever be possible. But even if the other person doesn't budge, you can still be sure you are pleasing God with how you treat them--and nothing softens hearts like the love of Christ.

10 Habitual Sins Women Especially Struggle With

Women and men were both made in God’s image and both struggle with making ungodly decisions. But since men and women were created differently, the same sins can show up in various shades. We are going to take a close look at ten of these sins—once we can see it, we can fight it.


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