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Spiritual Life

7 Ways God Uses Waiting to Prepare You

So many circumstances in life become waiting seasons: hoping to get married or pregnant (or counting the days until your wedding or birth of a child), waiting to graduate, looking for a job, or even praying for relief from a hard season of life. The good news is, God wants to use those seasons to prepare you for the things you’re waiting for, as well as things you don’t even know are coming. Here are 7 beautiful things God is working for good in your waiting.

How to Be the Bridge : Practical Steps to Racial Reconciliation

Racial reconciliation has been a hot topic in recent years, not just in Christian circles. The phrase itself may evoke a range of emotions in people, but at its heart the practice of racial reconciliation is complicated, messy and uncomfortable. Latasha Morrison has jumped headfirst into the messiness of this mission, wading through the hard conversations in search of the hope that can only be found on the other side.

7 Biblical Benefits of Giving

Go ahead. Trust what He’s given you. Step out, actively give, do it cheerfully and experience far more joy than you had when you kept it all to yourself.

Top 4 Affirmations Your Dad Needs To Hear This Father’s Day

If your father is still living, love him. If he has failed you, forgive him. If he is still raising you, pray for him. The job is not easy and chances are he is doing the best he can. The encouragement you give can go a long way in helping him to continue to be the dad God wants him to be.

8 Reasons Small Groups Are So Important to Jesus

A small group of friends is like a sheltering tree. Even Jesus held them close and valued their worth along the journey. Among his Twelve, Jesus modeled that small groups should love each other with a quality of time and energy that is both self-revealing and self-giving.

4 Significant Life Lessons from the Remarkable Ravi Zacharias

It’s never easy when people you admire pass on. However, the responsibility is to learn from their lives, recognizing that though their work is finished...ours isn’t. The world is truly searching for answers. Let’s be prepared to give them with compassion, respect, and humility. After all, that’s exactly how Ravi would do it.


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