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4 Beautiful Examples of 'Reckless Love' in the Bible

When Cory Abury describes God as 'reckless' in his beautiful worship song, it is a poem from the heart, not the dictionary (or a negative) definition. Here are four beautiful examples of how reckless love is offered throughout the Bible.

What Is Scientology? 20 Things Scientologists Believe

As Christians, it's important we're aware of beliefs and practices of Scientology; so we're prepared to share the freedom and truth of Christianity as an offering of grace. Here are the basic tenets Scientologists adhere to, that we should know.

How to Remember God's Faithfulness When Reality Hurts

Do you ever get the feeling that your idea of what you need is different than God’s idea? Do you ever get the feeling that God’s definition of “shaken” and yours aren’t the same? Do you ever get the feeling that God’s time frame for measuring “a little while” and yours aren’t in the same ballpark? The same zip code? I do too. Sometimes the load gets so heavy, and I don’t know how to lighten it. 

How to Be the Bridge : Practical Steps to Racial Reconciliation

Racial reconciliation has been a hot topic in recent years, not just in Christian circles. The phrase itself may evoke a range of emotions in people, but at its heart the practice of racial reconciliation is complicated, messy and uncomfortable. Latasha Morrison has jumped headfirst into the messiness of this mission, wading through the hard conversations in search of the hope that can only be found on the other side.


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