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What Does "Hallowed Be Thy Name" Mean?

This phrase from The Lord’s Prayer is among the most widely known passages of Scripture, right along with the Ten Commandments, Psalm 23 and John 3:16. But in spite of it being so well-known and so often repeated, do we really know what it means, or why we are saying that God’s name should be “hallowed”?

4 Benefits of Memorizing Scripture as a Teen

When we read a passage of Scripture, it’s easy to skim over the boring or difficult parts without paying much attention. But you can’t do that when you’re memorizing. When you memorize a passage of Scripture (a better approach, by the way, than memorizing isolated verses!), you must become intimately acquainted with every sentence and phrase.

10 Beautiful Descriptions of Heaven from the Bible

Heaven is not a mythical place. It is the holy dwelling of the Lord Most High. And although we cannot even begin to comprehend its splendor, the Bible gives us beautiful descriptions of the place in which those who have received Jesus will spend eternity.

What Does the Bible Say about White Nationalist Terrorism?

Obviously, any sort of murder ought to shock and alarm any person, and usually does. Few people, except the terrorists themselves, will justify in any situation the killing of innocent bystanders. But we have a responsibility to ask: What is the ideology behind all of this, and why does it take such root in rage-filled violent people?

What Is the Holy Grail? Is it in the Bible and Does it Really Exist?

The holy grail, a supposed “Christian” relic, has dotted the lines of medieval literature. This cup, or cauldron, or stone (depending on which version of the legend). Supposedly, the holy grail was a vessel of importance, used by Jesus or one of his followers during his ministry—more on this in the possible Scriptural influences section.

Healing Bible Verses

The Bible speaks often of miraculous healing through the work of Jesus Christ and faith in God. Our Lord is able to provide both physical and spiritual healing, and wants to do that for you!

4 Times Jesus Appeared as an Angel in the Old Testament

Angels have specific jobs, or duties: to worship and serve God as warriors, guardians, messengers, and escorts into eternity. References to “the angel of the Lord” are found only in the Old Testament, and suggest that this "angel of the Lord" is the one and only Jesus.


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